SMITHRAIS NYC designs hi-tech businesses and tools in the digital and 3D world for corporations and entrepreneurial partners. We enable businesses with imagination, design, and analytics. We work fast, so the transformation is a matter of weeks, not months. Empathy and beauty are in everything we do.

Start New

Partnering with entrepreneurs in designing new opportunities. We design start-up accelerator programs, new business modeling and workshops. We design brand-led user experience across each brand channel.

Refresh Your

We design institutional leadership programs, help with corporate guidance and brand consulting.

Who We are

  • Van Rais / Creative Director and Designer

    As Creative Director and Designer Van’ role at SMITHRAIS is centered around his unique user experience design philosophy in which he has incorporated into creating a clearly differentiated user experience and SMITHRAIS brand.

    Van is a Designer with a keen sense for user experience, interactive design and understanding of human behaviors. Van’s approach to design comes from his observations and curiosity of society and culture–and a desire to provoke interaction between seemingly distant worlds. His work visibly demonstrates his philosophy that UX is dimensional and is based on a human scale. Prior to becoming part of SMITHRAIS, Van has held senior creative leadership positions at top New York agencies including Interbrand, Siegel+Gale, Lippincott, R/GA, and AKQA.

  • Anissa Igoudjil / Data scientist

    Anissa is fascinated by the power of data and how analytics can inform and provide insights into any business decisions. Anissa is an expert at understanding what data have to showcase. Her goal-focused mindset results in information being used to identify niche pockets of opportunity to drive efficiency and results.

    Anissa is a Data Scientist and holds a Ph.D. in Biology and Pathology of the Epitheliums from University Paris VII. Anissa did her postdoctoral research in 2 of the most prestigious New York institutions (Weill Cornell Medical College, NYU). Since joining the corporate world, she has launched many internal programs and provided strategic data insights to several parts of the company. She gained a broader knowledge of data and systems and became a subject matter expert in identifying areas of growth opportunity.

What We Do

  • Build / Story and system. Visual identity design system and verbal identity. Brand and product strategy.

    Digital tools / App design for iOS and Android, mobile and web collaboration platforms

    Execute / Graphics, environmental and industrial design

  • Story / Communication, content creation, writing, photography, illustration, and motion graphics

    Campaign / Integrated and traditional advertising in print or digital.

    Activation / Awareness, lead generation & inbound marketing

    Workshops / Brand-lead workshops, inspiration & brand education and accelerator programs

About Us

  • Design awards / Around 35

    Founded / October 2011

    Geo / Truly International, based in New York City

  • Team / Designers, writers, editors, producers, academics, directors, strategist, engineers, and technologist.

    Obsessions / Human behaviors, culture, art, design, hi-tech, New York City, art, Plato, Marshall McLuhan, and beta forever.